March 3 is National Employee Appreciation Day, a day employers often use to recognize employee contributions and achievements. Those same employers might be interested in knowing that one big thing employees appreciate is a clean work environment. In fact, as employees returned to onsite work at the beginning of 2022, 7 in 10 wanted better office cleaning practices.

With a clean office setting, everybody benefits. A notable study by Staples Corporation found that 94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace, while 77 percent said they felt they produced higher quality work in a cleaner environment. The study went on to say that a clean work environment contributes to a positive work culture that reduces turnover, which is vital at a time of low unemployment.

The types of cleanliness employees value

According to human resources professionals, here’s what employees value in work area cleanliness:

  • Cleaning protocols that include germ disinfectants. Greater awareness of communicable diseases, including colds and the flu, have made employees more aware of disease spread. They want their employer to hire a cleaning company that focuses on disinfecting high-transmission areas such as desktops, bathrooms, doorknobs and elevator buttons.
  • Comprehensive cleaning that is visible. In the past, employers hired workplace cleaners who performed their cleaning at night. Now, some employers are asking the cleaning company to work during the day so that employees can witness how important a clean workplace is to the employer. Employers also are asking cleaning companies to do more tasks, such as cleaning common areas, including lunch rooms and waiting areas.
  • Cleaning that reduces risk of accidents. Cleaning companies are being asked to come in whenever there are spills or leaks (particularly at factories) that could lead to employee accidents. Employers also are using cleaning companies to help declutter entrances and exits to improve safety.

These services are among the offerings of Walz Enterprises, a commercial cleaning company serving Twin Cities offices, medical facilities, government offices, schools and worship facilities.

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Other ways employers are celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

Employers know that when employees feel valued, they are more likely to be productive and loyal. That’s why employers often use National Employee Appreciation Day to do something special for employees, such as bringing in treats, announcing employee awards or holding other events to mark the day. But, Employee Appreciation Day is also a good time to announce a stepped-up commitment to commercial cleaning that will benefit employees’ health, safety and security.