It’s no surprise that you should expect your commercial cleaning service to operate differently after Covid. Today more than ever, proper cleaning and disinfecting can help ensure employees and customers feel safe.

If you’re serious about maintaining a sparkling clean commercial space, look for a commercial cleaner with these capabilities:


1. Comprehensive approach to all surfaces

A thorough commercial cleaning service will clean all surfaces where dirt, dust and Covid germs may linger. These include:

  • Bathroom surfaces—including glass and mirrors
  • Kitchen and food-preparation surfaces
  • All flooring types—tile, wood, carpeting, concrete, etc.
  • Electronic components
  • Fabric surfaces—clothing, furniture, drapery, etc.
  • Work surfaces
  • Customer areas, furniture and counters

2. Safe and effective cleaning solutions

Use of typical commercial cleaning solutions should be augmented with special sanitizers that are safe and effective against the coronavirus. Look for a commercial cleaning company that follows CDC recommended procedures. Where circumstances warrant, commercial cleaners must wear personal protective clothing, too.

3. Flexible hours

Comprehensive cleaning in the age of Covid requires extensive and often time-consuming attention to detail. Cleaning companies should offer after-hour or overnight crews that can be available both regularly and when infections occur.

4. Specialty cleaning services for health and education settings

If you operate health clinics or schools, look for a commercial cleaning service that specializes in these areas. These specialty cleaning services take special steps while cleaning settings where public health and safety are critical, such as paying attention to high-touch items (not just surfaces) that could transmit the virus, like doorknobs, light switches and handrails.

5. Elbow grease

A “professional cleaner” that only uses fogging, fumigating and wide-area electrostatic spraying for Covid mitigation is not doing enough to maximize the safety of the commercial environment. Detail cleaning work and scrubbing using soap and then disinfectants do a far better job of eradicating virus particles than wide-area techniques.

No shortcuts in proper commercial cleaning to deal with Covid

To maximize Covid safety and significantly reduce the risk of infection spread in your workplace or business environment, carefully discuss the qualifications and techniques that your commercial cleaning company will use to mitigate the virus in your setting. Use these five differentiators as a screening criteria.