The special period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s makes for a festive time at the office, but it also requires extra attention by commercial cleaning crews.

Think of the holiday wear and tear…tinsel, garland, lights, trees and other decorations must eventually come down, leaving everything from needles and crepe paper to window sprays and gift wrapping behind. Add to this the leftovers from cookies, candy, holiday potlucks, parties, and gift baskets.

After all of the festivities, a normal cleaning isn’t adequate.

Special end-of-year cleaning readies the office for the New Year

Make sure your professional cleaning company is prepared for a special end-of-year office cleaning. Here’s what we at Walz Enterprises think should be included:


A simple mopping or dusting of wood or tile floors likely won’t be enough at the end of the year. Commercial wet-dry vacs, with safe detergent, may be needed to remove food residue, pine needles and tinsel, leaving the floor slip-free and germ-free. Even carpets might require high-capacity extraction, not only to remove food but also to neutralize road salt tracked in from the snowy sidewalks and streets.

Crews also should vacuum ice melt from winter mats to keep from tracking the chemical throughout the office.

Desks and bathrooms

Professional cleaners should anticipate extra capacity waste removal, so they can empty the overflowing trash bins full of gift paper, leftover food, plates and silverware. For the sake of employee health, restroom baskets filled with used tissue from the cold and flu season should be emptied and given new liners.


Offices with break rooms often have kitchens with sinks and refrigerators. An end-of-year cleaning crew should empty refrigerators and scrub them with soap and water. Sinks should be scoured. Microwaves need to be cleaned on the inside

Germ transfer spots

Then comes the detailed cleaning work of sanitizing common germ hotspots and touchpoints in the workplace, first removing smeared food and then disinfecting the surfaces. Not only desktops, chair surfaces and windows need attention, but also high-touch areas, such as keyboards, door handles, light switches, staplers, elevator buttons, copy machines and break room appliance handles.

An extra cost for a post-holiday deep clean, but worth it

A commercial office deep clean may require extra charges. But, the added cost for a deep clean becomes an investment that will restore the office to the safety and cleanliness standards appreciated by employees. Everyone starts the New Year fresh, with confidence their employer cares about the work environment. Customers will notice the difference, too.