Why? First, there are practical reasons. Dust buildup from months of heating emissions and lingering pathogens from cold, flu and Covid are on every surface. Plus, carpets have spent months soaking up road grime carried in on boots and shoes. Even after winter, spring adds its own allergens, often aggravating asthma sufferers.

The typical office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

By spring, the typical office desk is home to more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more than a toilet seat. Food spillages, sneezing and coughing all contribute to an increase in the number of germs and pathogens in the air. A good spring cleaning neutralizes these germs and extracts the built-up dirt.

In spite of the importance of a good spring cleaning, not all commercial cleaners are effective and thorough. Here are steps we take (and recommend) to fully clean your commercial space:


1. Sanitize surfaces

It’s important that your commercial cleaning company use special cleaning solutions that remove germs on workspaces, but especially in common areas like lobbies and bathrooms. Cleaners must be thorough, as the strongest solutions won’t matter unless cleaning staff reach every nook and cranny.

2. Deep clean carpets and floors

In the spring, vacuuming isn’t enough. Over the long winter, dirt, grime and germs have penetrated all surfaces and burrowed into carpet fibers. Deep cleaning is essential to restore surfaces, prolong wear and remove germs and allergens. This applies to all surfaces (not just carpet), such as wood, tile and concrete.

3. Include key outdoor areas

Germs and dirt also enter commercial spaces from the outside. A thorough spring cleaning includes tracking and cleaning the outdoor areas that are sources. These include items in courtyards or exterior shared areas, entrances, patios and even dumpsters. Trash removal companies do not disinfect trash bins. If your staff come in contact with them, they’ll carry the pathogens inside.

4. Remove clutter

Organize a “Spring De-Clutter Day” in your commercial space. Involve employees and make it a fun time to purge the winter buildup of unnecessary files, boxes, broken office equipment and desktop piles. The less clutter in the office space, the more efficiently your commercial cleaning service can do its job.

5. Don’t forget office chairs

Office chairs are another high-dirt, high-allergen, high-germ surface, with 21,000 germs per square inch. A good commercial cleaning service attends to office chairs. They vacuum lint, dust, crumbs and hair, and then clean the surface and spot-treat stains according to the manufacturer’s care guide.

The cost of cleaning is really an investment. A professional spring commercial office cleaning service will give owners a huge payback. Using these spring cleaning tips, offices can kick-off a work environment that is more presentable to the public, less stressful and more productive to employees (a clean space can actually reduce employee sick days). Especially now that workers are returning to the office after two years of Covid exile, bring them back to a sparkling clean environment where they will feel welcome and safe.